Smart Arming with Life360 (Beta)


What is Life360?

Life360 is a mobile app that uses geo-location technology to detect where you and your family members are. As Piper strives to provide new ways to protect your home, we are pleased to collaborate with Life360 to introduce Smart Arming.

What is Smart Arming?

Smart Arming with Life360 notifies you when the last family member has left the house. When your home is empty, you can keep it secure by setting your Piper to Armed Away Mode. By tapping on the Smart Arming notification, you can automatically set Piper back to Armed Away Mode and enable the corresponding security rules.

On iOS, swiping the Smart Arming notification will reveal a button to quickly arm your Piper. On Android, the re-arm button will appear in the Smart Arming notification itself.

Smart Arming Setup

To enable Smart Arming, follow these steps:

  1. Download the free Life360 app and create an account. Personalize by inviting family members and adding locations, including   Piper’s home address. Invited members will receive a text message with a link to create a Life360 account.
  2. Login to your Life360 account from the Piper app by going to the App Menu, and selecting Settings> Smart Arming with Life360 (Beta)
  3. Select the address where your Piper is located (typically your home address) from your list of places and the corresponding family circle and then tap “Save”.
  4. Finish by tapping “Enable Smart Arming”.

Note: All members of a circle must enable the location setting on their mobile device for Smart Arming to work. Additionally, there must already be a rule set for Armed Away mode to enable Smart Arming.

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