Here are some common situations you may run into while using Life360 with Piper:

1. If you use auto-complete to fill your email address in on their form, it will add a blank space at the end of the email address, which Life360 will not strip out, and will make it seem like your email address is invalid when it’s not.
2. If you check in on a wifi-only phone that is tethered to another phone, it may show you in a random location regardless of where you actually are.
3. If you have a wifi-only phone that leaves the zone and arrives at home (and connects back to wifi), you will most likely not get the “Left Zone” message, but you will get the “Arrived Home” one. (Thus, the Last Out message will never fire so you won’t get the message to arm Piper.)
4. If your phone is in a different language than your notification language, expect the message to be in the notification language, but the buttons to be in the phone language.
5. If the app is open, you won’t get a notification, you’ll get a pop-up inside the app.
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